the Materials Recovery Facility

The RRRASOC Materials Recovery Facility (or MRF) was originally built in 1994. The facility was built on the site of a vacant manufacturing facility, symbolizing RRRASOC’s commitment to “recycling” the urban infrastructure.

In partnership with its private operating contractor, Republic Services (formerly ReCommunity), RRRASOC repaired the MRF and installed a state-of-the-art single stream processing system in 2016. The MRF is now capable of processing up to 20 tons of recyclable material per hour from residential curbside recycling programs, commercial and industrial businesses and items collected from the two recycling drop-off sites.

The building is approximately 53,000 square feet, with 48,000 square feet devoted to processing, storage and shipment of the recyclable materials. The MRF is located at 20000 West Eight Mile Road in Southfield, at the northeast corner of Eight Mile and Evergreen.

Materials collected at this facility are shipped to various commodity markets to be part of the critical supply chain, creating products that are necessary for everyday living.

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